Viborg Private Realskole

Lucy og Sarah are happily being educated by the staff in the International Department at the Viborg Private Realskole.

The girls study English, science, PE. art, music, maths, personal and social development and ICT. They are instructed in English but have been learning Danish too. Sarah, or ‘Sara’, as Danes pronounce her name (Lucy is ‘Loosie’) really likes to use her new language skills at home, whenever possible. I am ‘far’ and Kate is ‘mor’ but she has picked up quite a few phrases and certainly counts to 10.

My Danish is not coming along too well at all. Kate is better, she watches shows on tv and can see the Danish translation written on the screen. This means she knows words for food as her TV diet is pretty much dodgy cooking shows. Kate moaned in protest when I read this aloud before posting but failed to nominate the shows she really watched, so I posted it anyway.

The day starts at 8am and finishes at 1.30pm which is quite a deal earlier than the 9.15am start at home. Everyone is up at 6.15am or so for us to catch the bus at 7.30am. Kate really enjoys the early mornings.

The girls are both together in a very small class of 9 students. The school programs using the Cambridge international system. Some afternoons the girls go to SFO, which is like after school care. ‘Sara’ likes the disco room and ‘Loosie’ fancies playing ‘Mario’ and ‘Lets Dance 2′ on the Wii.

Kate teaches conversational English a couple of afternoons a week to students at the girls’ school. She has not been there long enough for her students to start speaking in an Australian accent yet but knows they do not like vegemite as the sandwiches she provided for afternoon tea traumatised a couple of the kids.

The teachers – Gemma, Kristian and Katarina – have been lovely and very welcoming to our family. Lucy and Sarah would happily stay at the school and have no homesickness at all. We all agree that school in Denmark is a much more liberal experience than in Australia. Lucy has the two and half years of infants classes already and feels that school in Denmark is much ‘less strict’.

Sarah, with no experience of primary school at home, may get a little bit of a shock in kindergarten next year back in Kiama.


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