July 13th 2011

We spent all day at the Louvre, dined early, on traditional French fare, at Chartier, before taking in the new final Harry Potter film for what was pretty much a perfect family day.

The kids are totally trained. We have worked on this for ages now, how to get every one on the same wavelength about how to have a good time, share experiences and be aware of how compromise helps us all. I have not heard Lucy and Sarah complain about walking since we left Australia. Pretty good considering we walk over 10 kilometres every day.

Our Paris Pass worked a treat (and we were very happy with the London one too). When we arrived at the Louvre, the lines stretched for hundreds and hundreds of metres. We jumped the queue, by flashing the museum pass, which made it gold.

We looked at a ridiculously large number of paintings. I particularly enjoyed seeing some of my favourite artists, including Guiseppe Archimboldo.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Darcy Moore

The girls wanted to see the Mona Lisa and this is as close as we could realistically and comfortably get.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Darcy Moore

The Egyptian collections are particularly extensive and I was surprised at how superior they are to the British Museum. I guess there was plenty of looting during Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Darcy Moore 

I managed to take some black and white shots of everyone today, with nice light through a window at the Louvre, as they were resting.

You’ll note, from the pic above, that Sarah continues to be obsessively interested in audio guides. She liked the stylus, a new experience, with this PDA.

I should say that we all needed a rest after a day like this so a meal and movie were a good option. It seemed to me that this last Harry Potter film was not too long and is pretty much the best of all of them.

Now I need to sleep in preparation for Bastille Day tomorrow.


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