exceeds expectations for most travellers and arriving, at our excellent apartment – 19, quai Saint Michel on the Left Bank, in the heart of the Latin Quarter and a stone’s throw to Notre Dame – filled my heart with light. We had been unaware that Henri Matisse lived and painted at this address for many years, until Stephen Collis generously translated the plaque in the hallway:

“Number 19, St. Michel Quay (whose stairs Matisse and Marquet climbed together so many times) was bustling with artists. On every level, wherever you looked, there were bright or shadowy studios opening onto landings, endless winding stairs, branching, opening out onto the Quay, the courtyard and onto Huchette Road.”

Studio, quai Saint-Michel (1917) Henri Matisse

Lucy can attest to the ‘endless winding stairs’ as she counted 90 steps to our apartment (with wifi) overlooking the Theatre De La Huchette.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Darcy Moore 


One thought on “Paris…

  1. I’ve now returned home and sitting down this chilly Sydney morning catching up on your blog – which I’m really enjoying. Yes, I too love listening out for the different accents and sayings. It still fascintates me how they can change in such short distances in the UK. Your translation experience reminded me of last week when I was in Yorkshire having to repeat everything twice when ordering something as simple as fish and chips.

    Safe travels and I’ll happily continue a virtual holiday by reading your blog. (I’ve now got the task of sorting through 10 weeks (1000s) of photos!)

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