Ravenglass, Owls and Muncaster Castle

Travellers are encouraged to avoid driving, wherever possible, when travelling in the Lake District. I like this philosophy, as friends and colleagues, readers of my blog and casual acquaintances can attest and was, as such, happy to comply. However, I must say, it is not always easy to make your way ’round with public transport and a little too expensive. Travelling from Bowness to Muncaster Castle, near Ravenglass is a case in point. It was completely worth the expense and considerable time spent travelling such a short distance as we really enjoyed ‘the owls’ and we did see more of the district than planned but I’d say the push to get people ‘off the roads’ is doomed unless a more concerted effort is made with accessibility and affordability.

My daughters enjoyed the little steam train ride and I had a nice chat with a man and his friend who have travelled, as a way of celebrating the start of summer, this railway each July for the last 44 years. Wallace and Gromit was never far from mind during this charming conversation.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Darcy Moore

The real highlight of the day was the amble through the 70 acres of grounds of Muncaster Castle (check the view above) and meeting the birds courtesy of the World Owl Trust. Lucy had her ‘Harry Potter’ moment when allowed to have a snowy barn owl perch on her. Sarah was, understandably, equally impressed.


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